Midland Funeral Supplies

Ashes Caskets

All our ashes caskets are manufactured to cremation authority specifications. All timber is sourced from sustained yield forests and where possible is F.S.C. certified.
The selection shown is a small part of our entire ashes casket range. Please contact us for a free colour brochure.


Solid Oak with fitted corner spindles.


Solid Oak with continual routered panel.


Solid Oak with moulded sides


Solid Mahogany with fitted corner spindles.

MFS 14 Ashes Casket

Solid Oak, fully panelled

MFS12 Ashes Casket

Solid Oak, traditional pyramid style

MFS 14

Solid oak ashes casket with panels

Child's Oak

Solid oak ashes casket


A simple handmade woven willow ashes casket for an infant.


Real Oak veneer with solid Oak top and base.

Ash Curved

Solid Ash Ashes Casket

Ash with Panel

Solid Ash ashes casket with panel

Birch Painted

Solid Birch askes casket with panel

Warwick Rose Urns

Cremated remains caskets in either solid oak or solid mahogany.

Painted Aluminium

Aluminium Ashes Casket

Wicker Ashes Casket

Rustic ashes casket. Ideal for Woodland plots.

Cornstarch Ecourn

These urns are manufactured from cornstarch, a 100% biodegradable material. They are available in several colours and with hand painted floral motifs.

Purity Earthurn

This oval urn has violet and yellow flower petals in-laid in the paper and is suitable to use for scattering or burial.

Unity Earthurn, Floral

This beautiful urn is fabricated by hand and features inlaid fresh flower petals.

Unity Earthurn, Pastel

The soft colours of the Unity Earthurn, Pastel give this beautiful heart shaped urn a feminine appeal.

Unity Earthurn, Wood-Grain

This heart shaped urn is fabricated by hand from the bark of the mulberry tree.

Journey Earthurn Navy

The Journey Earthurn is perfect for burial at sea or deep water burial. These biodegradable urns are engineered to float momentarily and then gracefully sink.

The Shell Deep Water Bio Urns

Fabricated by hand from recycled and earth-friendly materials